Remove the boxes around your mind and THINK WITHOUT A BOX

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01:55 – Looking at the original number 508
02:40 – Find the largest number within the box
04:10 – Find the solution without the box
06:55 – Rules to follow

In everyday life, we can notice that our thinking is conditioned by many things like our culture, environment, education, experience and many other.
This basically leads to the fact that we think and resolve problems “within a box”. How many times did you hear people say things like “we have always done that” or “why should we change” or is this acceptable”. All indicate that we are thinking within a specific framework that does not really has to be there.
In this example, we look at a simple problem where we want to move some matches to find the largest number possible. There is no other condition and many of you will answer that the solution is 999. It looks good because we are only using the 3 numbers.
But is this true? Do we have to limit the solution to 3 numbers?
No, but we assume that it should be like that and we create our limitations, even when they are not given.
I do not like “thinking out of the box”! There should be no box! We have to get used to thinking without the box or if you prefer creative thinking, we can use that term too.

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