Quality for Operations and Project Managers

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The course “Quality for Operations and Project Managers” is a course only dedicated to quality management principles and statistical process control. Project Managers, Operations Manager and other managers and people within the company are actively involved in quality management, inspection and assessment.

Quality has become a very important element in competition and producing quality products and/or services can make the difference.

In this course, we introduce the definition of quality, describe the difference between quality and grade and why quality is so important today. There is an historic overview of quality management and the ackomplishments of the quality gurus are explained.

Quality involves also statistical methods and a part of the course is dedicated to repeating the different aspects of statistics that you have to understand when dealing with quality. We look back at the statistical parameters like average or mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, and the normal distribution, its use, and interpretation. In this part, we also introduce the Seven Basic Quality Tools.

Since quality management also involves sampling, these principles are reviewed including hypothesis testing which is also on the basis of statistical process control or SPC.

Evaluation of processes is important and we have to verify if the selected process is capable to provide the desired quality output. Evaluating the capability of the process can be done using the Process Capability Ration and its sigma level during operation can be determined by calculating the Process Capability Index.

The last part of the course is about Statistical Process Control and the principles of building control charts and their use and interpretation is explained including some practical exercises.

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