What is De Ceuster Academy

Hello, I’m Ir. Luc De Ceuster, PMP.  I started APraCom, s.r.o. in Prague in August 2006, the basic idea was to provide specialized training for people interested in Project Management. Also for those that wanted to improve their professional skills. In the beginning, I thought of combining open courses for companies and universities. I actively cooperate with Anglo American University,  New York University Prague, and many others. Throughout my professional journey, I realized that there are not enough dedicated courses for companies and their employees. So I started to develop a broad spectrum of course topics for future, beginning, and also even advanced Project Managers.

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Are De Ceuster Academy Courses Practical!

My military and professional background combined with University training, discussions, and consultancy inspired me to create a truly unique curriculum. My De Ceuster Academy teaching methodology is a blend of practical, technical, theoretical, and military project management approaches. Thus, every project manager can learn something new and something practically useful for one’s prospective career.  

All my courses are being checked by certified project managers. I wanted to make sure that all courses are up-to-date and are of the highest practical value. Since I want to go a step further with DE CEUSTER ACADEMY, I decided that my courses must be developed in such a way that they can be licensed to other training organizations and more students and teachers can follow my teaching methodology. In the Czech Republic, my courses are already provided via different partner organizations such as UNYP and several others.

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What Courses Do We Offer?

At the moment my lectures and I can provide training to professionals in over 20 Project Management subjects.  We also prepare individuals or even whole teams for certifications provided by the  Project Management Institution. I designed my course curriculum so it can be flexible and adjusted to your specific needs. First, you will start a personal evaluation test. Our thoroughly crafted evaluation will let you know where are your strengths and weaknesses. Then you will be ready to start a personalized training program. On the other hand, participants can select a combination of courses as they feel the need to strengthen their knowledge in dedicated fields.

DE CEUSTER ACADEMY goes beyond training. After completing training or during, we can provide coaching to the participants and consultancy to develop your own project management department or office in your organization.                                Check Out Online Courses