Define the three Earned Value performance Indices SPI, CPI and CSI?

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01:34 – Describing the efficiency parameters SPI, CPI and CSI
02:50 – Schedule Performance Index or SPI
05:40 – Cost Performance Index or CPI
11:25 – Cost Schedule Index or CSI
13:25 – SPI/CPI Quadrant and Project Schedule and Cost Position
17:30 – Exercise – to complete in comments

From the basic EVM parameters, it is possible to calculate the schedule, cost and combined performance of the project.

The performance indices express the efficiency related to schedule, cost and both.

The SPI = EV/PV and expresses the schedule performance. For and SPI larger than or equal to 1, we have a project which is ahead or on schedule. For an SPI smaller than 1, the project is behind schedule.

The CPI = EV/AC and expresses the cost performance. For a CPI larger than or equal to 1, the project is below or on budget. For a CPI smaller than 1, the project is above budget.

The final parameter is the CSI = SPI x CPI and is the overall efficiency of the project and its value should be as close as possible to 1.

We will use these parameters later to estimate the completion time of the project and its cost at completion.

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