Smart City Principles

Course Description:
The objective of this course is to provide the technological, social, business, and sustainability knowledge and skills that will allow participants to act as enablers of smart cities with a local and global perspective.


Smart City Principles



Prof. Dr. Ing Miroslav Svítek, d.h.c.

Course Content:
The topics covered are:

  • Smart Cities Introduction (basic definitions, the evolution of Smart Cities, technological trends, Industry 4.0, different approaches to Smart Cities)
  • Smart Cities Technologies (tools used for complex systems analysis, performance parameters, related IT, satellite and telecommunication technologies, energy consumption and conservation)
  • Smart Cities Components (system approach to Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart Government, Smart Health, Smart Utilities, and Environment)
  • Integration of Smart Cities Components (Smart Home, Smart Buildings, Smart devices in an urban environment, integration of components into higher-level structures, Smart Region, Smart Cities standards, city data platform, virtual city)
  • Human Aspects of Smart Cities (Quality of Life, Smart Cities business models, resident participation, acceptance of smart applications, game-oriented training)
  • Assessment of Smart Cities (indexes, City Resilience Index, EY approach, Smart Prague Index, assessment of regions and villages)
  • Smart Cities Case Studies (examples from around the World, e.g. Berlin, Prague, El Paso)

Course Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this course, the participants will have the:

  • Ability to apply system thinking in order to approach large interdisciplinary problems
  • Ability to decompose smart city into particular subsystems
  • Ability to understand smart city technologies
  • Ability to evaluate different solutions from various perspectives including technical, legal, business, or social impacts
  • Ability to use such interdisciplinary knowledge to solve problems of modern cities


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