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Back to School Promotion

Our special promotion for students, alumni, academics and last but not least all employees of UNYP. Until October 31th, 2018 you can get this course for 9.99 euro or approximately 255 CZK depending on the exchange rate at the moment of registration. You will have lifelong access even for this special price! Click on UNYP logo to take advantage if this unique offer!

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Since the start of the cooperation between UNYP and APraCom, many people have been taking part in our academic courses and some even in our company courses. The “De Ceuster Academy” concept has been created last year by APraCom to share more knowledge with the professional world and going beyond the academic part of the training.

It was a logical step to integrate in the UNYP Benefits program. Here we offer a 20% discount on all courses and special deals can be discussed related to trainings within your company.

But we do more! We offer special temporary deals which will be announced on top of this page as long as they are relevant. And the regular deals are announced below. Just click on the link and you will be guided to the relevant page.

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This very interesting course has a value of 199.99 euro or approximately 5,100 CZK is offered to YOU for a permanently discounted price of 13.99 euro or approximately 360 CZK.

In this course you learn all you need to be a successful project manager. It contains 14.5 hours video, multiple choice tests, exercises, bonus materials and much more.

Click here to register for this exceptional price!

For more information about our courses, visit our main website or contact us by sending us a message.

Luc De Ceuster, MSc, PMP

De Ceuster Academy

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